-   Competition Rules  

Fighting Rules:
It is the goal of the Miami Valley Tournament Association to maintain a set of rules that are easy to understand and fairly applied. Points are awarded on successfully thrown / controlled techniques. Each scoring technique is worth 1 point. Match for NON BLACK BELTS is to 5 points or the most points in 2 minutes Match for BLACK BELTS is to 7 points or the most points in 3 minutes.

Acceptable Techniques:
1) Closed Fist - Example: Reverse Punch, Back fist, Hammer fist (As long as it is chambered and then rechambered).
2) Open Hand - Ridge Hand, Knife Hand Strikes (As long as they are chambered and rechambered).
3) Kicking Techniques - Example: Front, Side, Back, Roundhouse, Spinning Kicks (As long as the head is turned, NO BLIND TECHNIQUES).

Target Scoring Areas:
1) Head
2) Stomach / Chest
3) Sides
4) Back

Contact Scoring Areas:
Scoring is controlled techniques only.
1) Head - Front, Side, Back, Top - Light contact, except No Face Mask contact. Athlete may score to face as long as NO contact is made. (Under Black Belt Only).
2) Light Contact to Face (Black Belt Only)
3) Stomach / Chest - Neck to Belt Line
4) Sides - Armpit to Belt Line.
5) Back - Back Side (No direct contact to middle of back)

1) Front Leg sweep only, score only with follow up technique not the sweep itself. (Must be controlled). 2) Base Leg Sweeps are not allowed.

Penalty Points:
Penalties are awarded when contact is made to none scoring area. Penalty points are 1 point awarded to person whom foul was committed on. The center referee may award penalty points without majority concurrance.

Penalty assessed when technique is determined to be excessive must have a majority rule to apply for disqualification of athlete committing foul.

Running out of bounds, 1 point to opponent, No warnings. (Out of bounds applies only when competitor is running, not fighting or pushed out of bounds).

Any dishonorable actions may include disqualification with majority of judges confirmation.

Sparring Gear:
For the Safety of the Athletes:
Dipped Foam Sparring Gear and approved padded shoes (Ringstar) will be acceptable. This includes: Head, Hand, Feet, Mouth Guard and Cup & Supporter for the Male Athlete. (No Exceptions) Cloth Shin Guards are optional as long as they are foam padded no plastic.Tiger Claw style padded gear is acceptable. Face shields are allowed. Hand pads will cover finger and thumbs.

Empty Hand & Weapons Forms:
There are many styles, which make up The Miami Valley Tournament Association. Just as there are many styles there are many ways to perform the different forms.

Scoring Criteria:
Judges are to judge the athletes based on the following.
1) Balance
2) Effectiveness of techniques.
3) The Spirit of the athlete.
4) The Visual performance of the form.

Judges score on a scale of 5.0 - 10.0 all scores are in decimals.
Beginner 5.00 - 7.00
Intermediate 6.00 - 8.00
Advanced 7.00 - 9.00
Black Belt 8.00 - 10.00
Three to Five Judges sit on board.

The first 3 athletes perform their form and then are called back up for scoring. Then all other athletes are scored at the completion of their performance. All scores are added together.

Tallying the scores:
When there are 5 judges the highest score and lowest score is dropped out and the 3 middle scores are totaled. When there are 3 judges all scores are totaled. In Case of Tie: The Lowest score is added back in to break tie. If there is still a tie, the high score is added back in to break tie.

If there is still a tie, the athlete runs their form again. Advanced and Black Belt athlete must perform different form. Beginner and Intermediate may perform same form. If there is a tie regardless of division, the same weapon can be used.

Weapon Forms:
There are many Martial Art Weapons, Judge the forms as they are performed following the same criteria as in empty hand forms. The only difference is that the athlete is using a weapon. If there is a tie regardless of division THE SAME WEAPON CAN BE USED.

Due to systems using different colors for the different ranks the experience of the competitor should be based on the following:

Beginner ........: 0 to 1 year training
Intermediate ...: 1 to 2 years training
Advanced .......: 2 to 3 years training
Black Belt .......: 3 + years training

Rating System:
The tournament season is made up of different levels of rated tournaments. Generally, speaking all tournaments are Single Point Rated Events. The last tournament of the season, which is the MVTA Grand Championship, is worth 2 extra points for each place

"A" Rated Event:
1st Place = 8 Points
2nd Place = 6 Points
3rd Place = 4 Points

Grand Championship Event:
1st Place = 10 Points
2nd Place = 8 Points
3rd Place = 6 Points

Year End Awards Banquet:
At the conclusion of the tournament season, The Miami Valley Tournament Association will hold its annual Year End Awards Banquet to honor the Top 3 competitors in each division for a job will done.

The Banquet will be held around February of the following year highlighting the previous year and allowing the athletes to find out information about the up coming tournament season.

What is unique about the MVTA is that the Athletes who place in the Top 3 Position do not have to pay to attend the Yearend Awards Banquet!

Please Note: Athletes MUST attend the awards banquet to receive their award. Our desire is to award the Top 3 Athletes on a special night dedicated to them.