Competitors earn points in the division they compete. Points earned in that division will remain in that division until the season ends. No one will lose points earned.
Adjustments are made in the following manner.

At the end of the tournament season points are reviewed, if a competitor has earned points in multiple divisions due to age change or experience level change during the year, whichever division they competed the most, the other points will move up or down to that division. Again, NO POINTS WILL BE LOST.

Example A:
John, Division 9 - 10 Beginner Forms earned 10 points, he also earned 6 points in Intermediate Forms Division. At year end the Final result would show 16 Points Beginner Forms.

Example B:
Tom, Division 9 -1 0 Beginner Fighting earned 4 points, he also earned 16 points in the 11 - 12 Beginner Fighting, At year end the Final result would show 20 points in the 11 - 12 Beginner Fighting.

2024 Points
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